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LBC International LLC is a full-service contracting
company established to meet the growing needs
of UAE's market. We have obtained our
remarkable position in the market by working
with the idea that every client is a long-term
relationship. LBC International is a one stop
solution from construction to maintenance of
business or residential premises as per individual
ideas and requirement.
LBC International can undertake projects from
all over the U.A.E
Our Vision…the execution of tasks necessary to
accomplish the overall mission of LBC
International is divided into four areas. The
purpose and mission statement of each area is
distinct within the level of each discipline and
yet they must mesh at a higher level of
functionality within LBC International to
complete the overall purpose and the mission of
the division.
The vision of the construction group is to execute the engineering designs for new and
existing villas, buildings, and other facilities in the most efficient and cost effective
Our Vision
The vision of the maintenance group is to keep all facilities, equipment, structures and
utilities in good working order for longest cost effective life at maximum efficiency,
maximizing customer satisfaction in the process. This vision is met by making
knowledge-based decisions while executing necessary work orders, preventive
maintenance and life cycle replacements.
Right Choice, From Concept to Reality